AMH Blood Test

Useful information about the AMH Blood Test

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What is an AMH blood test?

An AMH blood test is a special type of blood test that measures the level of AMH, also known as Anti-Mullerian Hormone.

What is Anti-Mullerian Hormone, or AMH?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone is a hormone produced by the follicles of the ovaries. AMH levels stay fairly constant through one's menstrual cycle.

Why should I get an AMH blood test?

Studies suggest that Anti-Mullerian Hormone may be a marker of ovarian reserve, or the possibility of having viable eggs in the future. The AMH blood test is often used to help make medical decisions about egg freezing. The CDC also discusses considering the AMH test as a useful marker in terms of measuring ovarian function.

Does the AMH blood test level change during the menstrual period?

Typically not. AMH blood levels stay fairly constant through one's menstrual cycle.

Does the AMH blood test level change with age?

Yes. Typically AMH blood test levels decline with age. That is why the AMH blood test has drawn more interest as a fertility test marker.

Are there other names for the AMH blood test?

Sometimes, the AMH blood test is known as an ovarian reserve test.

How might an AMH blood test be used in practice?

If someone's "fertility age" is older based on AMH blood test levels, your provider might decide to expedite certain fertility procedures to help you get pregnant earlier.

Do I need to prepare in any special way for an AMH blood test?

No. Also, fasting is not required for the AMH blood test.

What does it mean to have low AMH levels?

Recent research has suggested that low AMH levels signify that one's remaining egg supply is low. Another one of saying it is that the ovary would not be able to produce an adequate number of eggs if it was stimulated during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Can AMH blood test levels be too high?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome may cause excessive AMH blood test levels. Another cause for a high AMH test level is if one has specific types of cancers.

Are other blood tests ordered with the AMH blood test?

Sometimes, a fertility specialist might order an Estradiol test, FSH test and/or LH test with the AMH test.

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